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At William H Painter Funeral Directors we know how important it is to share information about the funeral of your loved one. That’s why we’ve set up this service so that you can communicate and share details of their funeral with your family and friends. It also means that you can make the collection of donations for your chosen charity as easy as possible (including Gift Aid) while the tribute page means you can share memories, photos and condolences.

This service is provided by William H Painter Funeral Directors and MuchLoved, a UK registered charity that supports bereaved people. There are three parts to the service:

– Funeral Notice Information

This is a simple way to let everyone know the details of the funeral, when and where it is taking place and any special requests that you may have

– Donations

80% of the families we help collect money for charity in the name of their loved one. Here you can nominate the charity or charities that your loved one supported and take online donations. This makes it easy to manage the funds raised and get them sent directly to the charity. Donations can be collected for any UK registered charity using all major credit and debit cards. There is a small fee to cover card and processing costs.

– Personal Tributes and Memories

This online tribute page is used to leave messages of support and condolence for you and your family, and gives the opportunity to share memories through stories and photos of your loved one.

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